You Could Buy This Chevy Silverado Squat Truck With a 42-Inch Lift, But Please Don’t

The seller, Ashton Malone on Facebook, immediately parries arguments against his 42-inch lifted creation by opening his ad with “yes this truck is for the jokes.” It’s unclear if he did the 42-inch lift on his own, but he claims that it is homemade and is definitely only done to the independent front suspension of the Silverado. Meanwhile, the rear looks to be completely stock, taking the Carolina squat to another stratosphere. 

It seems like the seller has taken it to shows and used it for Truck Stuff like some light mudding but has clearly built it to either be the most extreme example of Carolina squat ever seen or as a satire on the whole squat culture. It has a few of the signature features of a squatted truck, including LED lights behind the wheels, massive chrome wheels with low-profile tires, luridly painted frame parts, and a colossal front lift. 

The front lift is especially incredible; it’s just a ladder frame bolted onto the stock lower control arm mounting points. It’s almost literally scaffolding. The stock front suspension looks simply bolted to the lift frame. It is so high that it is impossible to see the road, and the old Silverado is now fit for astronomy rather than driving.

The state of the rest of the truck being dented and bruised is what sells the joke. It will, unfortunately, arrive on stock wheels for the small price of $3,300 picked up in Marion, Louisiana. But maybe you can give it glory.

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