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A 25-year-old woman was seen sitting on the bonnet of a moving SUV car. Reason? She wanted to film a reel. Since a video of the woman was shared on social media, it has gone viral. Now, the Punjab Police took notice of this clip and reacted to it.

Punjab Police has taken action against the woman who was seen sitting on a moving car’s bonnet to film reels.(Twitter/@Hoshiarpur Police)

The car was on the Jalandhar-Jammu national highway near Dasuya when the woman sat on its bonnet. According to Dasuya Station House Officer Balwinder Singh, the police located the owner of the SUV using the vehicle’s registration number after a video of theincident went viral. They then confiscated the SUV in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act.

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The Hoshiarpur Police also shared a video of the post on Twitter. They wrote, “Hoshiarpur Police immediately acted on the information received through social media about violating the traffic rules by sitting on the bonnet of the Thar vehicle in Dasuha and took action by taking the Thar vehicle into the possession of the police under the traffic rules. We warned them not to do such a thing in future.”

Take a look at the video shared by the Hoshiarpur Police here:

This post was shared on August 2. Since being posted, it has been viewed close to 10,000 times. The share has also received more than 100 likes. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions.

Check out what people are saying about this viral video here:

An individual wrote, “Good Work.. These types of influencers are the real culprits who think that they are above law and do whatever on the road. I hope the lesson is learned now. Obey traffic rules if not for your sake at least for the ones who are using the same road to reach their home safely.” A second commented, “She should be put behind bars for making life of others in danger at Highway by reckless behavior in a public place.” A third shared, “Good. Such social media ‘stars’ should be booked under relevant sections.” What are your thoughts on this video?

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