Why GTA Online players must buy an Inductor electric bike at all costs

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online’s recent weekly update also added the Inductor to the game along with the Penaud La Coureuse. The Inductor is an electric bicycle that players can purchase from the in-game website, Pedal and Metal Cycles. Rockstar Games rarely adds bicycles in GTA Online. Even with the addition of the Inductor, there are only nine of them in the game.

While making bicycles unique and interesting is not as easy as cars or motorcycles, it looks like the developer has done well with the newest addition. Hence, in this article, we will examine why players must buy an Inductor electric bike at all costs.

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Here’s why GTA Online players must buy the new Inductor electric bike at all costs

The new Inductor electric bike (Image via Rockstar Games)
The new Inductor electric bike (Image via Rockstar Games)

At this point in GTA Online’s lifetime, the garages of most long-term players must be full of cars and motorcycles belonging to various categories. It is likely that many of them might not have even thought about purchasing a bicycle.

Nevertheless, the Inductor, an electric bike added with the new GTA Online weekly update, is interesting enough to make some of them consider adding it to their collections.

All the bicycles added in the game before the Inductor have the same old standard design. They cannot be modified, and hence, players are stuck with what they get.

While the new Inductor cannot be modified either, Rockstar Games has also added a Junk Energy Inductor, which is essentially the same bike, but with an exclusive Junk Energy livery. These bikes also look more impressive than their peers and feature a digital speedometer on the right handle.


As far as performance is concerned, the Inductor can hit a top speed of 45.5 mph or 73.3 km/h, making it the second-fastest bike in the game. Additionally, its recorded lap time of 2:11.365 is also the second fastest in its category.

However, the Inductor electric bike comes with a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) Boost feature, which allows vehicles to move faster momentarily. The Inductor and its Junk Energy variant are the only two bicycles to include this exclusive feature in GTA Online.

Here’s how players on different platforms can activate the KERS Boost:

  • PC – Press G on the keyboard.
  • PlayStation 4 and 5 – Tap the L3 button.
  • Xbox One and Series X/S – Tap the LS button.


The faster a player cycles, the faster the Inductor’s KERS Boost meter refills. This can be of great use in online races and in the newly introduced Junk Energy Time Trials as well.

Players can buy the Inductor and the Junk Energy Inductor from Pedal and Metal Cycles for just $50,000. By completing Junk Energy Time Trials, they can easily recover this investment. Whether players will also be able to purchase bicycles in Grand Theft Auto 6 remains to be seen.

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