We are cracking down on auto drivers charging excessive fares: Bengaluru police

The excessive auto fares issue in Bengaluru has raked up once again after a financial influencer complained about the exorbitant price he paid for an auto in the IT capital. In a response to his tweet, Bengaluru police said that they are now cracking down on auto drivers who are charging fares above the meter.

We are cracking down on auto drivers charging excessive fares: Bengaluru police (Pic for representation)

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Ravisutanjani, a social media influencer who was in Bengaluru tweeted, “Paid 300 for 2 KM Auto Ride in Bengaluru, What are the Usual Rates in Your City?”

The tweet received a massive response from the residents of Bengaluru, complaining about the similar incidents with the auto drivers. Manipal Global Education chairperson Mohandas Pai tweeted, “This fleecing and lack of action by police @CPBlr is giving our city a bad name! When will the police enforce Rule of law in city? @CMofKarnataka @siddaramaiah. Pl start issuing Licence to any applicant to break this mafia.”

Bengaluru police entered the conversation and clarified that they are cracking down on such auto drivers. “@BlrCityTraffic is actively cracking down on auto drivers haggling passengers for excess fees over the meter. In case of overcharge/refusal, public can raise a complaint through the dedicated hotline set up for Auto Rikshaw Complaints: 080-22868444 / 080-22868550,” said Bengaluru police in a tweet.

In November 2021, the Karnataka government raised the meter fares of auto drivers in the state. The price is increased to Rs. 30 from Rs. 25 for the first two kilometers and base price per every kilometer is increased to Rs. 15 from Rs. 13

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