Watch: Auto falls into open gutter in Shaheen Bagh


Watch: Auto falls into open gutter in Shaheen Bagh

An auto falls into an open gutter in Shaheen Bagh, according to a resident on Saturday. In a video grabbed by the resident it can be seen that after the auto falls into the open gutter on the Shaheen Bagh High Tension road, a few people, including the driver, are making efforts to extricate it.

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The resident said this is not for the first time that a vehicle has fallen into the open gutter. On and off we see vehicles falling into the open gutter and it should be fixed soon to avoid any untoward incidents, he said.

Luckily the driver was not hurt in the incident as he stepped out of the vehicle fast after it fell into the open gutter as he was driving slowly and trying to maneuver his auto in the narrow space left in front of the open gutter, he said.

A shopkeeper in front of the open gutter once told one YouTuber if you want to see how things are in the morning during peak hours and see how vehicles fall into the open gutter while trying to avoid it. He said till now no untoward incidents have taken place.
A resident said if you walk through the small patch of this Shaheen Bagh High Tension road then one can see several open gutters in the market area.

From time to time residents have been raising this issue of getting the gutter covered to avoid major incidents, but have failed to move the authorities for the last many years.

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