Video shows baby left on Dorchester sidewalk after truck stolen

Surveillance video shows suspect stealing truck in Dorchester with infant inside

Surveillance video shows suspect stealing truck in Dorchester with infant inside


BOSTON – Boston Police are searching for the suspect who stole a pickup truck with an infant inside it in Dorchester on Friday afternoon. 

Police say the infant’s parents got out of their truck on Geneva Ave. and were tending to another child when a man jumped into the driver’s seat and took off. 

“That is crazy. I’m actually shocked that’s terrible,” said Dorchester neighbor Vicky Jennings.

Dorchester baby
A truck was stolen in Dorchester with a baby inside. 

CBS Boston

The man could be seen driving off with the pickup truck, then stopping to take a baby in an infant carrier out and leaving it on the sidewalk.

Boston Police

Moments later, the driver of the truck returned to Geneva Ave., and left the baby in a car seat carrier on the sidewalk. The suspect kept driving and the truck was ultimately ditched on Columbia Rd. 

Boston Police say the baby is safe, but no arrests have been made.

Police said the suspect is described as a heavy-set, light skinned Hispanic man, last seen wearing a grey shirt/grey pants with long hair and a beard.

Jose Cruz has lived in Dorchester for decades and is concerned with what he says is an increase in crime. “I’ve lived here for 30 years but I’ve never seen anything major of what’s going on but it’s getting worse. It’s getting worse,” said Cruz.

Neighbors are calling for police to do more.

“They need to stop crime in Dorchester man. They need to do something about it. It’s dangerous, I never want to be in a position like that,” said Cruz. 

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