Tresa Motors unveils first electric truck for global markets

Tresa Motors has unveiled its first electric truck, the Model V0.1, built on its Axial Flux Motor Platform: FLUX350. The company claims that the truck is for the global market, and showcases Tresa Motors’ take on the industrial design, axial flux powertrain and safe battery packs for medium and heavy electric trucks.

Currently, India has a fleet of 2.8 million trucks, contributing to 60% of emissions, highlighting the urgent need for zero emissions medium and heavy trucks. With the upcoming vehicle scrappage policy in 2024 and increasing fuel costs, the time is ripe for a shift towards medium and heavy electric trucks.

Tresa Motors aims to spearhead this transition by providing safe, innovative, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional diesel trucks, with the lowest total cost of ownership. The company will be hosting the physical launch of Model V in the second quarter of FY2023.

At the core of Tresa’s trucks lies its Axial Flux Motor technology, called FLUX350, delivering up to 350kW continuous power, making Tresa the only Indian OEM with this kind of power output. Axial Flux motors are renowned for their compact size and lightweight nature. Entirely developed in India, and with a handful of axial flux motors manufacturers in the world, this places Tresa Motors an advantage.

Rohan Shravan, Founder CEO, of Tresa Motors, says, “The journey to the official launch of Tresa’s Model V0.1 and the development of our Axial Flux Motor platform has been nothing short of extraordinary. Today, I am happy to say that I have the backing of some of the industry’s most revered and experienced people who have joined Tresa’s team to accelerate its journey!”

He adds “All in all the team at Tresa has made and manufactured more than 200 different kinds of Trucks in their careers (in India, Germany, the US, and Japan), and have sold a staggering 2 million plus units in the past!”

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