Toyota aims to sell electric cars offering the same range as hybrids. Know more

Toyota aims to ramp up its electrification game by adopting a multi-pronged strategy. The Japanese automaker’s BEV Factory president Takero Kato has hinted that the company wants to offer battery electric vehicles offering the same range as the automaker’s hybrids. Toyota Times has reported that the auto company is working on its next-generation BEVs that will reach the market in 2026.

By: HT Auto Desk
| Updated on: 06 Jul 2023, 12:51 PM

Toyota plans to sell 35 lakh battery electric vehicles globally by 2030. (PTI)

The report claims that besides focusing on bringing down the upfront costs of the EVs to achieve more market share, Toyota is also focusing on scaling up the production volume. It plans to manufacture and sell 35 lakh BEVs by 2030. The next-generation EVs will play a key role in this strategy, hinted Kato.

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Toyota, despite being one of the largest global car manufacturers, has been a late entrant in the electric vehicle segment. Also, the company has been always an advocate against the electric-only strategy, which has been reflected in its product strategy as well. While other automakers emphasised on bringing in pure electric cars, Toyota has been shy about BEVs. Instead, it focused on variable greener powertrain solutions. However, with the increasing demand for electric vehicles, Toyota has been forced to change its strategy.

In order to make it differentiate and gain pace in the segment, the car brand is not focusing on price parity with hybrids. Also, it is aiming to deliver a similar range from the BEVs as the hybrid models. “I love BEVs. Through BEVs, I want to change the future of cars, monozukuri, and work. First, the cars. We will aim for the same cruising range as the hybrid vehicles that have been so popular. This is a big task. We want people to feel Toyota’s unique character in the BEV products we create and deliver,” said Kato.

First Published Date: 06 Jul 2023, 12:51 PM IST

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