This gigantic Hummer is the world’s biggest SUV. Know why

GMC Hummer is one of the most formidable SUVs the world has ever seen. Through its long association with the United States Army, the SUV has shown its capability to rule any terrain. However, the mammoth size was not enough for Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the UAE royal family, who is also known as Rainbow Sheikh. He owns a specially customised Hummer, christened as Hummer H1 X3, which is thrice the size of a standard version of the GMC SUV.

By: HT Auto Desk
| Updated on: 30 Jul 2023, 15:54 PM

The Hummer H1 X3 is thrice the size of a standard Hummer, measuring 14 meters long, six meters wide, and 6.6 meters tall. (Image: Twitter/Rainmaker1973)

A video of the gigantic Hummer has gone viral on social media revealing its humongous size. This claims to be the world’s biggest SUV. The Hummer H1 X3 measures 14 meters long, six meters wide, and 6.6 meters tall. What’s more interesting is that the SUV is fully driveable. It comes as a custom-built vehicle and the designed to look like the original one with thick metal sheets and other components. The video suggests that the wheels and tyres of the Hummer H1 X3 are from an amphibious vehicle used by the US Army. It gets a metal frame and is designed as a house on the inside with facilities such as a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

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The video reveals that the customisation on this SUV is not over yet. One needs a ladder to get into the car. The ladder is neatly placed under the body. It comes equipped with pipelines to supply water inside the car and there are gauges to check the pressure in the tyres.

Rainbow Sheikh is known for his collection of uniquely customised vehicles and the Hummer H1 X3 is one of them. He also owns a 21-foot-tall Willys Jeep.

First Published Date: 30 Jul 2023, 15:54 PM IST

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