Tampa auto repair shops see increase in flat tires

Some repair shops are noticing an increase in customers as more people seem to get flat tires.

“My tire repairs have doubled sometimes tripled. I would go to three a day to six or nine a day,” said Dusty Cox, the manager at Olin Mott in Tampa.

Heat and not properly maintaining tires can cause issues.

So, what’s behind all those busted tires? Cox suspects it has to do with Tampa’s housing boom.

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“You’ll see they’re buying all these houses tearing them down, putting up state-of-the-art duplexes. All that stuff, all over gets drug everywhere,” he said.

Hudson’s Paul Mayer said he’s had two flats in a week recently.

“I don’t know where I’m picking up the nails and screws but between job sites and highways,” he said.

Repair shops are seeing an increase in flat tires.

Repair shops are seeing an increase in flat tires.

Excessive heat can also impact tires, because it can soften the rubber. Experts say not properly maintaining your tires can also cause problems.

“Tires are one of those things we sometimes take for granted. You know, you assume that it’s always going to be good and everything is fine. But the best way to save your money and to make sure that you don’t have an unexpected expense is to take care of those tires,” explained AAA Florida spokesperson Michelle Harris.

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