BMW close to hitting this year’s EV target already, will pump more cash into electric vehicles

BMW has got a huge impetus because of which they will be investing more in their EVs than they had originally planned to. However, BMW is not willing to set a target on when it will stop producing its ICEs BMW has stated that it is accelerating its investment in electric vehicles beyond what it … Read more

Bajaj Auto (NSE:BAJAJ-AUTO) Price Target Increased by 7.87% to 4,956.85

The average one-year price target for Bajaj Auto (NSE:BAJAJ-AUTO) has been revised to 4,956.85 / share. This is an increase of 7.87% from the prior estimate of 4,595.12 dated July 5, 2023. The price target is an average of many targets provided by analysts. The latest targets range from a low of 3,707.71 to a … Read more

UK set to miss target on charging stations by two decades despite plan to ban new petrol cars by 2030

The UK is 20 years behind schedule on its target for electric vehicle charging points, new analysis shows, despite the Government’s insistence it will not ditch a pledge to ban new petrol cars by 2030. Ministers want to install 300,000 public charging points across Britain by 2030 to meet fresh demand for electric vehicles as … Read more

Thailand lowers auto production target in 2023 | World

Illustrative photo (Photo: Bangkok (VNA) – The Federation of Thai Industry (FTI) has reduced its car production target for 2023 to 1.9 million units from 1.95 million units set at the beginning of the year, due to a drop in domestic vehicle sales and an increase in electric vehicle (EV) imports from China. Surapong … Read more

Target Fires Haddon Twp. Worker Assaulted in Store by Bike-Riding Teen

Benny Breen of Westmont says he was let go from his job at Target just a few days after he was punched in the face by an adolescent whom he stopped from riding his bike through the store. By Matt Skoufalos | July 28, 2023 Target store at the Westmont Plaza in Haddon Township. Credit: … Read more

In-car displays are the next distracted driving target

WHILE LAWMAKERS in Massachusetts and across the country worked to pass distracted driving laws limiting how much a person can mess around on a phone while operating a car, built-in screens in cars themselves have far surpassed the size and sometimes even matched the capacity of the average cell phone. Since 2019, car manufacturers have … Read more

Haddon Township Target Employee Assaulted in Store by Bike-Riding Juvenile

Haddon Township resident Benny Breen worries for the safety of his Target coworkers and shoppers at the Westmont Plaza. He’s calling on the community to help redirect teens into other activities. By Matt Skoufalos | July 25, 2023 A Haddon Township man who was attacked while working at the Westmont Plaza Target says he’s concerned … Read more