United States: CCPA investigative sweep specific to the auto industry

In brief Just a few weeks after California Attorney General Bonta announced an investigative sweep through inquiry letters sent to California employers, today the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) announced a California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) review of data privacy practices by connected vehicle manufacturers and related technologies, focusing on embedded features including “location sharing, web-based entertainment, … Read more

States cling to clunkers, few execute junked vehicles disposal policy, ET Auto

The VSP is the first transformative, transparent and eco-friendly attempt by the MoRTH to organise the Indian scrappage industry, with loads of incentives-disincentives, and pave the way for ‘fitter and younger’ automobiles zooming on roads, thus enhancing safety and curbing pollution. Over two years after the Centre announced its Vehicles Scrappage Policy 2021 (VSP) with … Read more

Tesla vastly overstates its vehicles’ range, report states

A new report out today details that Tesla, the world’s leading electric vehicle maker, is gaming the EPA system to vastly overstate its vehicles’ range and also diverting claims from drivers who are seeing as little as half the range… The Reuters investigation uncovers a lot of details on the inflated numbers that EV experts … Read more

These 25 states have seen the biggest increase in fatal auto collisions in the US

Canva These 25 states have seen the biggest increase in fatal auto collisions in the US Aftermath of one car crashing into the front-seat passenger side of another car on the street. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. experienced an unprecedented increase in fatal traffic collisions. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, … Read more

Oregon joins West Coast states seeking millions to create zero-emission truck fueling network – Oregon Capital Chronicle

Two years ago, Oregon joined California and Washington in requiring school bus, delivery van, garbage truck and semi-truck manufacturers to begin offering more zero-emission vehicles fueled by electricity and hydrogen. Now, the three states are joining together with a plan to power them on drives on the West Coast. The Oregon Department of Transportation and … Read more

These States Fine People For Owning Electric Cars

Some states are requiring electric vehicle owners to pay extra registration fees as part of a move to recoup lost revenue on gas taxes. In one state, a new senate bill requiring added costs for EV registration is set to become effective on September 1, and 32 other states feature similar fees. A Tesla Model S. Image … Read more