The future of Fisker: Alaska pickup, cute little Pear, Ronin sports car, and an off-road Ocean

USA Henrik Fisker’s electric startup reveals its plans for the next few years Turn on Javascript to see all the available pictures. Now that deliveries of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV are finally underway, the electric vehicle maker is looking full speed ahead to the future. At its very illustrious-sounding Product Vision Day event in … Read more

Super Rare Ronin Motorworks 47 Bike Number 37 Is Looking For A New Home

If you’re looking for a rare American sportbike that’s both unique and features the kind of styling that immediately inspires strong emotions, look no further than this 2009 Magpul Ronin 47. For those unfamiliar, just 47 of these bikes were crafted by Magpul engineers after American sportbike manufacturer Buell first went under.  The group purchased … Read more