The future of Fisker: Alaska pickup, cute little Pear, Ronin sports car, and an off-road Ocean

USA Henrik Fisker’s electric startup reveals its plans for the next few years Turn on Javascript to see all the available pictures. Now that deliveries of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV are finally underway, the electric vehicle maker is looking full speed ahead to the future. At its very illustrious-sounding Product Vision Day event in … Read more

The Rieju Aventura 125 Might Be The Perfect Bike For Beginner Off-Road Riders

When you are a rider, you are constantly dreaming about getting to experience different kinds of motorcycles and buying them, if you can afford them. As a beginner rider, you might be hooked on to someone like Kirian Mirabet sliding around in a Honda Africa Twin in his videos and getting the constant itch to get … Read more

Hero Xpulse 200 price, off-road performance, owner review – Introduction

A new set of tyres changes the Xpulse’s character and we have a small mechanical issue. We’ve clocked over 1,000km on the long-term Xpulse 200 4V since the last report and it’s mostly been all good. As usually ends up being the case, most of my time on the Xpulse was spent navigating the craters … Read more

Neo X 2 E-Bike Is Step-Through Goodness With a Kick: Urban Mobility With Off-Road Spunk

If you’re into cycling, then you must surely have heard of Cannondale. That said, you can always expect this timeless brand to be at the forefront of this industry, and they are. Let’s take the freshest Tesoro Neo X e-bike as the perfect example of how this crew answers the modern needs of folks like … Read more