The future of Fisker: Alaska pickup, cute little Pear, Ronin sports car, and an off-road Ocean

USA Henrik Fisker’s electric startup reveals its plans for the next few years Turn on Javascript to see all the available pictures. Now that deliveries of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV are finally underway, the electric vehicle maker is looking full speed ahead to the future. At its very illustrious-sounding Product Vision Day event in … Read more

How advanced auto electronic devices pave the way to the future, ET Auto

The rapidly evolving nature of automotive technology requires continuous innovation and adaptability. Indian automotive manufacturers need access to cutting-edge semiconductors for electric vehicles, advanced driver-assistance systems, and other smart features. In recent years, the automotive sector has undergone a remarkable transformation, driven primarily by technological advancements. The automotive sector is no longer just about mechanical … Read more

Audi partners with Chinese auto giant SAIC Motor to develop future electric vehicles

Chinese auto giant SAIC Motor and German carmaker Audi have partnered to jointly develop electric vehicles. The automakers signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on July 27, 2023, wherein both sides will “leverage their respective advantages and strengths to speed up Audi’s development of new electric vehicles.” The move is being made to meet the … Read more

Daniel Statham creates fully automated Future Car Park in China

Architecture firm Daniel Statham Studio has designed a vertical car park in central Hangzhou, China, where cars are stacked using a fully automated lift system. Named Future Car Park, the building is located in the city’s central business district and has a capacity of 500 parking spaces. The car park is located in central Hangzhou … Read more

GoPlugable: Queen’s graduate Maebh Reynolds driving the future of electric vehicle charging with revolutionary app

GoPlugable founder and CEO Maebh Reynolds is addressing one of the primary obstacles to EV take-up in Northern Ireland – lack of access to charging facilities. Powered by a community-driven app, GoPlugable allows EV drivers who own a home charger to share access with other EV drivers who may not otherwise have easy access to … Read more

Designing the future of supply chain with EVs

By: Shailesh Kumar, Founder of CABT Logistics, talks about the role of EVs in supply chain management Logistics has become key to success across industries, and EVs are at the centre of this growth. Driving technological advancements, responsible energy consumption, and enhanced connectivity, EVs are the future of supply chain management. Here’s how electric mobility … Read more

Top 5 Videos: How AI Design Is Shaping the Future of Auto Manufacturing

Get ready for the top 5 videos of the week that will take you on an exhilarating journey through the world of 3D printing! First up, we learn about the fascinating potential of AI-driven design in shaping the future of auto manufacturing. We also explore SprintRay’s new ProWash S launch for dental professionals, a remarkable … Read more

3 new Chattanooga auto stores in the works as companies ready for post-pandemic future

Three auto dealers in Chattanooga are spending millions of dollars on new stores at the same time as pandemic-driven supply chain issues ease amid a ramp-up in buyer activity and momentum in vehicle sales. “We’re still taking a lot of orders,” said Ed Emerson, general manager at Lexus of Chattanooga, which is shifting its dealership … Read more

A Game-Changer for the Future of Transportation!

As the world witnesses a rapidly changing automotive landscape, Toyota has taken a bold step towards shaping the future of electric vehicles (EVs). In a surprising development, the automaker has been working in secret on a revolutionary solid-state battery for EVs. This cutting-edge technology boasts an astounding range of 745 miles on a single charge … Read more

Peloton teases the possibility of different color options for Peloton Bike in the future (rose gold, neon yellow, and light / sky blue)

Since the original Peloton Bike (and every subsequent product) was first listed for sale, Peloton products have been available in one color: black. Today, Peloton took to social media to tease that new buyers might have the options to buy different color Peloton Bikes in the future. Their post on social media was short, simply … Read more