Starship Entertainment Allegedly Threatens Protest-Truck Driver Sent By Jang Wonyoung’s Fans

“I’ve never seen a label do well after fighting with fans.”

Netizens are criticizing Starship Entertainment over allegations claiming the label had threatened driver of a protest truck sent by fans.

Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

On July 17, a fan’s tweet alleging that Starship Entertainment had threatened to call the police on the driver of a protest truck went viral. The trucks were sent by fans of Jang Wonyoung due to the label’s poor handling of malicious commenters.

In the viral tweet, a netizen posted a conversation in which it is alleged that a Starship Entertainment employee threatened the truck driver if they didn’t move the truck away from the label’s building.

  • A: “I heard that a Starship employee threatened to call the police if the driver didn’t move the truck at least 300 meters away from the building.
  • B: “Other agencies also threaten to call the police, right?”
  • A: “They don’t threaten, no. They usually ask the truck driver to move.”
  • B “Ah, so Starship Entertainment is being particularly rude in this case.”
  • A: “Yes, a little. LOL.”

Previously, it was reported that fans of Jang Wonyoung had sent a protest truck to Starship Entertainment.

Fans had sent the truck to protest Starship Entertainment’s neglect of the idol. Many fans criticized the idol for not being proactive in protecting their artist from cyber-bullying and online rumors.

Messages on the truck | theqoo
  • We held it in even though you’ve been neglecting her since 2021. We can’t hold back anymore.
  • Don’t stay silent about the cyber witch-hunt, malicious rumors, and comments any longer, Starship.
  • Did Starship request for the video about her injury to be taken down? Stop taking us for fools and making us trust you less.
  • Although you don’t post anything about legal actions, you guys immediately delete anything that insults Starship. Just who’s management are you?
  • Starship only serves to block their artists’ paths. Repay them with the appropriate support and actions.
  • #Starship_Protect_JangWonyoung

Netizens criticized Starship Entertainment, with many expressing disbelief that the label is resisting fans’ request to protect its own artist.

  • “Jang Wonyoung is too good for Starship. Tsk, tsk.”
  • “Are fans asking for too much? They are just asking that the label sues malicious commenters, but this is how they respond? It makes me so f@cking mad.”
  • “Sue the malicious commenters. Wow, why are there so many labels that don’t have their priorities right?”
  • “It seems fans are continuously calling the police and will send more trucks on Wednesday. I guess the fans are going to take on the label, LOL.”
  • “I mean, fans are asking them to protect their artist, but they don’t want to hear it? They aren’t doing their jobs.”
  • “I’ve never seen a label do well after fighting with fans.”
  • “Oh, Starship is so good at making things bigger than it needs to be.”
  • “Their rudeness is legendary.”

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