Safety Or Creature Comforts? New Survey Reveals Factors That Drive New Car Purchases

Remember, not so long ago, when the size of the infotainment screen or having a sunroof was one of the predominant factors in a car purchase? It became such a critical want that today touchscreen systems have become ubiquitous, so much so that even a sub Rs 5-lakh car will sport one albeit of a smaller size. But it seems like the trend is now inclining towards safety features as revealed by a study conducted by NIQ BASES and commissioned by Skoda.

The survey was conducted and compiled by taking the inputs of 1,000 individuals from all around the country, ranging between the ages 18 and 54 years with just one goal in mind – to gauge what features play a decisive role in a car purchase. Guess what? The results were shocking. The respondents of the survey include people who either already own or plan to own a car above Rs 5 lakh, so the inputs are qualified. 

As per the survey, 92% of the buyers wish for cars in India to have a good crash test safety rating, while 47.6% of the customers prefer safety features over creature comforts. Here are the top three factors influencing the decision of a car purchase:

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In terms of safety rating preference, a full 5-star score was of course the ideal one with a 22.2% preference, while 4-star rating was followed closely by 21.3% preference rating. Unsurprisingly, 0-star rating was the least preferred with a score of 6.8%. It also came to light that although about 76% of the people are versed with the fact that there are two sets of 5-star safety ratings (adult and child), only approximately 30% of all customers identify child and rear occupant safety as one of those two parameters.

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So clearly, customer preference seems to be more inclined towards the safety aspect of a new vehicle. And if the infotainment trend is anything to go by, this newfound preference is probably for the better as it will make safety a priority for the carmakers, just as it should be. 

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