Royal Enfield 750cc Liquid-cooled Bike Incoming?

Royal Enfield is clearly looking to step outside the shadow of being pegged as a “classic bike” maker. The Himalayan is a classic example, an adventure bike bearing the Royal Enfield moniker was a total surprise. But since then, it has consistently surprised us with its ever evolving engineering prowess, and the latest chapter (Himalayan 450) is just a page turn away. Hence, the likelihood of news on it developing a 750cc platform, reportedly codenamed ‘R2G’ isn’t too far fetched, and here’s why!

Merits of a 750cc motor:

Currently, the 650cc, twin-cylinder platform we find on the Super Meteor 650, Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 offers a great balance of excitement and affordability. This one engine has churned out three very good sub-four lakh-rupee motorcycles, and we know, there’s a bunch more in the pipeline. However, the engine architecture of this 650cc twin pot motor isn’t as versatile as you’d like for formats like ADVs, especially considering its heft and width.

Hence, while in theory, Royal Enfield could offer a 650cc Himalayan, that big, heavy and bulky engine will simply limit the Himalayan’s adventure spirit. And, this is where a slightly larger but liquid-cooled (LC) motor could plug that gap nicely. Yet again, the upcoming Himalayan 450 is a great example of why. Visibly, the new 450cc LC powertrain looks more compact when compared to the chunky air/oil-cooled 411 motor we find on the current generation Himalayan 411.

Therefore, this new platform could sit on top of the current 650cc line up and be offered on certain models which require a compact and possibly lighter platform for better fitness of purpose. Hence, though it’s been reported that the first bike will be a bobber, we reckon Royal Enfield might make an ADV avatar next, and perhaps, even a faired cafe racer later.

Demerits of a 750cc platform:

Any man or woman complaining about more displacement should be made to walk the plank! That said, a new platform, especially a big liquid-cooled one, means they will not come cheap. Expect these to push beyond the Rs 5 lakh price point and maybe arrive in the range of even Rs 6 lakh! 

In closing…

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Currently the Royal Enfield lineup looks promising. On the lower end of the spectrum we have the 350cc J-series platform, then we have the 411, next in line will be the upcoming 450cc LC and over that is the top-shelf 650cc twin. With the upcoming 750cc platform, it will give Royal Enfield enthusiasts a way to upgrade to a more performance-centric motorcycle that’s still a Royal Enfield at heart. It will also help Royal Enfield to garner a wider audience in developed markets where folks are looking for something powerful but still has the ‘Classic’ essence. In fact, it’s reported that this 750cc platform will cater to the UK, Europe, North America apart from India. Makes total sense, if you ask us. 


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