River View teen takes over Miracles on Wheels bike giveaway program

  • Coshocton County Miracle on Wheels was a bicycle giveaway drive for Christmas started in 2019 by Adison Smith. She gave out more than 530 bikes.
  • Smith has graduated from River View High School and has handed off the campaign to sophomore Kyra McWhorter, 15.
  • McWhorter has a goal of giving out 150 bikes this Christmas. She’s doing it for her 4-H project and is a member of Lucky Learners 4-H Club.
  • McWhorter recently held a lemonade stand and is doing other fundraisers like a basket raffle and change jars at local businesses.

COSHOCTON − An annual Christmas program providing bicycles to children around Coshocton County will be continuing under a different teen from River View High School.

In four years, Adison Smith gave out more than 530 bicycles via the Miracles on Wheel campaign. She graduated this spring and with her schedule becoming more hectic, Smith was keen on handing off the drive to someone else. That turned out to be 15-year-old Kyra McWhorter, an incoming sophomore at River View.

McWhorter’s mother, Amanda Bender, said Adison interviewed a lot of candidates, but she felt Kyra had the passion and initiative to keep it going.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve liked to help people,” Kyra said. “This was going to come to an end if they didn’t find anybody and I felt that I wanted to at least try this so it didn’t go away.”

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