People want Tesla to make an e-bike, survey shows

We know Rivian is working on an e-bike but a new survey shows that people want Tesla to make an e-bike and are willing to pay more for a Tesla-branded one than for any other brand.

Tesla fans and investors have often asked the automaker to build new electric vehicles in different segments, like electric motorcycles, e-bikes, or scooters. CEO Elon Musk has ruled out electric motorcycles because he believes them to be too dangerous.

But a Tesla electric bike is not out of the question. Musk has previously said that “Tesla might do an electric bike” in a 2018 interview.

Now has done some market research and found that many buyers want Tesla to get into the bike business. Based on their survey, Tesla is the most desired brand to build an e-bike for men:

Tesla is the most desired e-bike brand among men, while Tiffany & Co. is the most desired by women.

With electric cars, Tesla’s brand already tends to be more popular with men than women.

In addition to noting that men want an e-bike from Tesla, the survey also shows that people would be willing to pay more for one from Tesla than if other brands went into the bike business:

The survey shows that people would be willing to pay over $2,200 on average for a Tesla e-bike:

Of the 69 brands offered, Amazon was the people’s overall top choice for the brand they most wanted to make an e-bike, followed by Apple and Marvel. However, people were willing to pay the most for a Tesla e-bike—an average of $2,254. Men were especially eager for a Tesla e-bike, while women wanted a Tiffany & Co. model. We also found generational differences, with millennials preferring a Marvel e-bike above all others.

Tesla wouldn’t be the first automaker to get into the bike business, as it’s been popular lately, with Porsche, BMW, and Polestar all getting into bikes.

Electrek’s Take

I would be curious to see what Tesla could come up with in the e-bike space. The company certainly has a lot of expertise that could translate into making a cool e-bike.

As we noted, we are certain Rivian is working on their own e-bike which fits well with their adventure branding.

Tesla could try to miniaturize its battery pack and electric drivetrain. It would be a good engineering exercise that could even result in improvements that could result in advancements for its other EV programs.

The company could also leverage its popular app to make it a connected e-bike and make it a part of the Tesla Network like Uber and Lyft already do.

And obviously, it already has access to a large customer base that would be interested in buying the product. It sounds like a no-brainer other than having to divert some resources to the project.

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