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Many of you have heard about the traffic in Bengaluru. Several people share their stories of being stuck in traffic with hours on no end, and such tales often catch the attention of many. Now, once again, a Bengaluru traffic-related story is going viral on social media. It shows how a man’s smartwatch thought he was cycling, when in fact he was just moving slowly on a bike due to the traffic.

Apple watch mistakes Rapido bike ride for cycling.(Twitter/@kawaloberoi)

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“How bad is Bangalore traffic? Well, I took a Rapido bike ride and my watch thought I was cycling,” shared Twitter user Kawal Oberoi on the micro-blogging platform. Along with the tweet, he also shared a picture of his smartwatch. The screen on the watch says, “It looks like you’re working out. Record outdoor cycle.”

Take a look at the post shared by Kawal Oberoi:

This post was shared on July 8 on social media. Since being posted, it has been viewed more than 1,800 times. The share has also received several likes. Many also took the comments section to share their thoughts on Oberoi’s post.

Check out what are netizens saying here:

An individual wrote, “It’s better, once it turned to sleep mode while traveling by car near Koramangala.” A second added, “My smart watch assumes that I have been sitting for too long and asks me to walk about. All this while I’m battling outer ring road traffic.” A third expressed, “This happened to me also a few days back.” A fifth commented, “Looks like you took a bike ride after really long. Even in normal #bangaloretraffic, Apple Watch assumes that you are cycling and suggest this. This is a problem with the #AppleWatch.” What do you think about this? Have you ever been stuck in such bad traffic?

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