Own an electric car? 5 maintenance tips you need to follow

It is a known fact that petrol and diesel cars need periodic inspection and maintenance of parts to be in a running condition. Electric cars have comparatively lesser moving parts as compared to the internal combustion engine counterparts. But it does not mean that they require lesser care.

Here are some important tips you need to follow for proper maintenance of your electric vehicle.

1. Ensure Battery health: Unlike petrol and diesel cars which run on fuel, electric cars run on batteries, mainly lithium-ion powered. Maintenance of battery is the integral part of the overall maintenance of an EV. It needs technical experts to check whether the battery is in a good shape.

2. Timely change of fluids: Electric cars run on battery which contains some components which need fluids or lubricants, say brakes. The brake oil helps in improving the car’s brake system. You must change brake oil as well as washer fluids periodically.

Electric cars have comparatively lesser moving parts as compared to the internal combustion engine counterparts.(Representational image)

3. Take care of suspension: Just like petrol and diesel-powered cars, electric vehicles also encounter rough patches on the roads. As a result, the suspension of the vehicle bears the brunt while trying to protect us. It makes our drive comfortable while taking the hit on the bumpy roads. As a result, it is crucial to regularly inspect the suspension of the car and carry out necessary maintenance if needed.

4. Periodic rotation of tyres: Timely rotation of tyres is a basic routine maintenance of an electric car. It prevents wear and tear to a tyre which might affect the performance of the vehicle and also prove to be a big safety risk.

5. Periodic replacement of cabin air filter: Electric vehicles comprise of cabin air filters which enable the fresh air to enter the cabin via AC vents. If the cabin air filter is in good condition, it will result in smooth performance of the air condition system.

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