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Australian-born IRL Twitch streamer Rob “Robcdee” was met with a rather unusual offer during a recent IRL stream in Japan. Approximately one hour and 49 minutes into his stream on July 28, a stranger approached him while he was cycling. Unexpectedly, he offered Rob his own bike as a gift, explaining that he was leaving the country in a few days.

During the encounter, the stranger shared that he, like Rob, also had a fondness for cycling and had recently completed a cross-country journey through Japan. Rob later took to his Twitter account to post about his surprising new acquisition:

“Just met a guy who cycled all of New Zealand and Japan. Said he’s leaving in 2 days. Wanted to give away his bike so now I have a new bike.”

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“I can give it to you” – Robcdee offered a free bicycle during IRL stream

Robcdee is one of the most followed in-real-life (IRL) streamers on Twitch. Residing in Japan for over a decade now, this stream stood out as one of his most unusual ones as he live-streamed his interaction with a man offering him a bike. The stranger was heard saying:

“Do you live here? (Rob says “Yeah, I do”) I have this bicycle. I can give it to you…I am leaving Japan the day after tomorrow.”

(Timestamp: 01:49:26)

Robcdee responded by suggesting the stranger sell his bike. The man replied:

“I can not sell it. I can’t even find someone who will put a sign on it (bike) for sale…I only have two days. My flight is the day after tomorrow. I tried to give it to the bicycle shop there, but they didn’t want to talk to me.”

In addition to sharing his passion for cycling, the man further disclosed that he had traveled all the way from New Zealand with the bike in tow. Astonishingly, he had covered an impressive distance of over 5,000 kilometers during his journey.

He emphasized that he couldn’t simply abandon the bike on the streets as it goes against the Japanese culture of not taking things that don’t belong to them without permission.

Here’s what the fans said

The clip garnered a lot of comments from the popular r/Livestramfail subreddit. Here are some of the notable ones:

Here are some reactions made on Twitter:

Robcdee boasts an impressive following of nearly 300,000 followers on his Twitch channel. While his primary streaming location is Japan, he also ventures to other countries for IRL streams. For example, he recently visited and streamed from Paris during the recently concluded TwitchCon 2023.

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