Northfield graduate and friends bike from Denver to NYC

Before college starts in the fall, a group of friends decided to take the trip of a lifetime.

They biked all the way from Denver to New York City.

Caden Caver, a recent graduate of Northfield High School, says every leg of the nearly 2,000 mile trip felt like an accomplishment.

“Oh my God, we’re doing this, we crossed the border into Nebraska,” says Caver.

He traveled with friends Marco Yang and Ishaan Ganti.

They developed a love for biking during the pandemic.

“During the pandemic, it was just really our only way of hanging out while being socially distanced,” says Marco Yang.

They had been planning the trip since they started high school. They decided to take a trip of a lifetime before they started college.

The trip took just over a month to complete. The group started on June 14, and they reached New York City on July 19.

“We went to Manhattan yesterday actually and just walked around Times Square,” says Ishaan Ganti. “Went and haggled with some people selling stuff on the streets, got some cool things.”

Even though they were happy to reach their destination, the friends say the best part of the trip was the journey and the memories they made along the way.

The flew back home to prepare for the start of school.

The group documented their trip on the Instagram page @threesillymen.

“It will be very cool to look back at it in maybe 5-10 years, and just reminisce,” says Ganti.

If you’d like to follow their route, the group posted a helpful spreadsheet here.

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