MS Dhoni’s breathtaking bike and car collection: A snoop into Captain Cool’s garage

When it comes to impressive car and bike collections in India, one cannot ignore the awe-inspiring garage of MS Dhoni. Apart from his remarkable cricketing career, Dhoni has developed a passion for exotic motorcycles, superbikes, and cars, making his collection truly enviable.

It all started with a humble second-hand Yamaha RX100, which Dhoni purchased after earning some money from a cricket match. This marked the beginning of his love affair with motorcycles. Over time, his passion grew, and he began to acquire more and more bikes, each one reflecting his unique taste.

One of the standout motorcycles in Dhoni’s collection is the Kawasaki Ninja H2, a supercharged sports bike known for its extraordinary power and speed. This beast of a machine perfectly complements Dhoni’s fearless and aggressive playing style. Another remarkable addition to his collection is the Confederate X132 Hellcat, a limited-edition masterpiece known for its unique design and powerful performance. The Ninja ZX-14R, with its sleek design and impressive performance, further adds to the allure of Dhoni’s collection.

MS Dhoni’s Confederate X132 Hellcat (Image Source: Twitter)

Dhoni’s love for motorcycles extends to iconic brands such as Harley Davidson. The Harley Davidson FatBoy, with its classic cruiser styling, finds a special place in his garage. The Ducati 1098, known for its superb handling and exhilarating performance, is another gem in his collection, showcasing his affinity for high-performance bikes.

MS Dhoni riding BSA Goldstar (Image Source: Twitter)

However, Dhoni’s collection is not just limited to modern superbikes. He also cherishes vintage classics, such as the Yamaha RD350, known for its legendary two-stroke engine and thrilling acceleration. The Suzuki Shogun, a popular bike during the 90s, holds sentimental value for many, including Dhoni, as it represents an era of nostalgia. Additionally, the Yamaha Thundercat, BSA Goldstar, and Norton Jubilee 250 further demonstrate Dhoni’s appreciation for timeless classics.

While Dhoni’s motorcycle collection is truly remarkable, his car collection is equally unique and fascinating. Among the classics, Dhoni owns a Pontiac Firebird Trans AM, a symbol of American muscle cars, known for its powerful V8 engine and iconic design. Adding to the glamour is the Ferrari 599 GTO, a true masterpiece of Italian engineering, renowned for its exceptional performance and luxurious styling.

Apart from these classics, Dhoni’s car collection also includes the rugged Hummer H2 and the versatile GMC Sierra, which showcase his love for robust and powerful vehicles. The Audi Q7 represents his affinity for luxury and refinement, while the Mitsubishi Pajero SFX, the first-generation model, holds sentimental value as one of his initial car acquisitions. The Land Rover Freelander 2 and Mahindra Scorpio, each with their unique characteristics, are part of Dhoni’s collection as well.

MS Dhoni’s Mahindra Scorpio (Image Source: Twitter)

With time and innovation in the automobile industry, Dhoni’s collection has only expanded with acquisition beasts such as Nissan SUV Jonga and other powerful vehicles.

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