MG ZS EV prices cut as Chinese electric-car price war heats up

The MG ZS EV is the latest electric car from China to have its price trimmed – by up to $1234 drive-away – as new budget competitors arrive.

The price of the 2023 MG ZS EV electric SUV has been reduced by up to $3000 plus on-road costs – but only up to $1234 drive-away – ahead of the arrival of the newer, longer-range MG 4 electric hatchback.

It is the latest Chinese-made ‘budget’ electric car to have its price cut, as three of China’s biggest automakers – BYD, Great Wall Motors (GWM) and MG (part of the SAIC group) – battle each other to offer Australia’s cheapest electric vehicles.

The MG ZS EV Excite is now priced from $42,990 plus on-road costs, $1000 less than before, while the ZS EV Essence is priced from $44,990 plus on-road costs, down $3000.

However once on-road costs are included, the new prices are between $1234 cheaper and $183 more expensive than before – depending on the state or territory where the vehicle is registered.

Neither MG ZS EV variant reclaims the title of Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle, which it lost on 1 January 2023 when MG Australia discontinued nationwide drive-away prices in favour of drive-away prices that vary depending on differing government costs in each state and territory.

This switch saw prices rise by between $205 and $4140, depending on where the vehicle is registered. Despite this week’s price cuts the new RRPs are still $294 to $3711 higher than the national drive-away prices offered at the end of last year.

The cheapest new electric vehicle in Australia remains the BYD Dolphin Dynamic hatch, priced from $38,890 plus on-road costs, or $39,490 to $41,810 drive-away.

The MG ZS EV Long Range flagship model remains at $55,990 plus on-road costs – or $57,284 to $61,367 drive-away – though MG is offering the car with a $5000 rebate for vehicles “sold and delivered” before the end of July 2023.

The new price for the MG ZS EV Excite will only apply for a limited time, as the entry-level model grade will soon be axed to make way for the base-model 51kWh Excite ($38,990 plus on-road costs) version of the new MG 4 electric hatch, due in the coming months.

It is not the first time prices for the MG ZS EV have been cut.

When the updated MG ZS EV was announced for Australia in March 2022, national prices of $46,990 and $49,990 drive-away for the Excite and Essence respectively were published, before they were cut to $44,990 and $48,990 drive-away respectively as the first examples arrived in showrooms in September 2022.

Alongside the ZS EV price cuts, MG Australia has reduced prices across a selection of its petrol-powered cars by $1000 – while two of the three available versions of the MG 3 city hatch have had $500 price rises.

2023 MG ZS EV drive-away price changes (July 2023)

Variant State Old price New price (July 2023) Change
Excite ACT $46,521 $45,287 Down $1234
NSW $46,709 $45,709 Down $1000
NT $46,195 $45,289 Down $906
QLD $47,319 $46,297 Down $1022
SA $47,940 $46,911 Down $1029
TAS $46,284 $45,284 Down $1000
VIC $48,416 $47,337 Down $1079
WA $49,130 $48,190 Down $940
Essence ACT $49,521 $49,287 Down $234
NSW $49,709 $49,709 No change
NT $49,195 $49,289 Up $94
QLD $50,379 $50,377 Down $2
SA $51,060 $51,071 Up $11
TAS $49,284 $49,284 No change
VIC $51,542 $51,505 Down $37
WA $52,518 $52,701 Up $183
Long Range ACT $57,287 $57,287 No change
NSW $57,709 $57,709 No change
NT $57,469 $57,469 No change
QLD $58,537 $58,537 No change
SA $59,391 $59,391 No change
TAS $57,284 $57,284 No change
VIC $59,841 $59,841 No change
WA $61,367 $61,367 No change
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