Mark 2 Hindustan Motors Ambassador sedan neatly restored on video

The Hindustan Ambassador is an iconic car in Indian automotive history. It was once seen as a status symbol and was used by politicians and government officers for decades. The production of the Ambassador sedan finally stopped in 2014 due to rising competition and lack of demand. However, it remains a very popular car among collectors. Maintaining an Ambassador is a task in itself, and because of this reason, many have abandoned this iconic sedan. We have several workshops in India that specifically work on such vintage and classic cars. Here, we have a video of a 1964 model Mark 2 Ambassador sedan that has been neatly restored to its former glory.

The video has been uploaded by RetroClassicsindia on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see a 1964 model Hindustan Ambassador neglected by its owner and covered in dust. It does not look like the car was in working condition. They got the car onto a tow truck and brought it to the workshop. The video mentions that the paint, suspension, steering, and almost everything in the car needed repair. They start by removing the chrome panels from the car. After that, the team started working on removing the paint from the car. Surprisingly, they were using a blowtorch to scrape the paint away from the panels. Most of the denting and painting workshops use paint removing solution to peel the paint away without damaging the panels.

This blowtorch method might be the most efficient way in this case, as the Ambassador did not have many plastic panels in it. After removing the original paint, they started working on the dents and the body line. The interior of the car was also completely stripped down for this project. As the car was not in running condition, the engine also needed some work. They took the engine out, the electricals were completely redone, and the battery was also replaced. The engine was put back in the car, and a coat of primer was applied all over the car. Even the engine bay of the car got a coat of primer.

Meanwhile, the suspension and steering on this car were also repaired. After the primer had dried out, the car was taken out for a test run to see if it was mechanically fine. The team came back happy, and after minor corrections, they continued to the finishing stage of the car. The car was repainted in a shade of blue. The color went well with the overall retro look of the car. The doors, boot, bonnet, and all other panels were individually painted to get a clean look. As mentioned above, the Ambassador was completely stripped down for this project. The seats and upholstery were redone. The dashboard and all the gauges on the instrument cluster were restored. They even come with the backlight for better visibility at night. The original headlamps, chrome bumper, steering wheel, chrome grille were all restored, and the car was looking like a brand new Ambassador. The work done on this 1964 model Ambassador sedan looks extremely neat.

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