Man Rides Bike-Taxi But His Smartwatch Assumes He Is Cycling

Bengaluru’s traffic jams have garnered a lot of criticism.

Social media has always been full of Bengaluru traffic stories. Every day, the metropolis presents commuters with fresh obstacles. Images and memes about the city’s high traffic situation keep showing up on a regular basis.

In the IT city, commuters frequently find themselves spending several hours delayed in traffic while frantically trying to reach their destinations on time.

Amidst the chaos and bustle of the daily commute and congestion, a person shared an image that is making people laugh on social media.

Kawal Oberoi, a Twitter user, chose to take a Rapido bike ride to get to his destination. But sadly, he found himself in a terrible traffic congestion.

But while he was snarled up in traffic, he discovered something humorous on his smartwatch. He was riding a bike, but that watch was telling him he was cycling because of his extremely sluggish speed.

He shared the image of the smartwatch on Twitter and captioned it, “How bad is Bangalore traffic? Well, I took a Rapido bike ride, and my watch thought I was cycling.”

Since Bengaluru’s traffic issue has gained widespread attention on social media, the post is starting to gain traction.

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