Madhya Pradesh Road Accident: Six killed in SUV-Truck Crash

SUV-Truck collision in Sagar district, Madhya Pradesh

Photo : ANI

Madhya Pradesh: On Sunday, an SUV collided head-on with an approaching truck in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district, killing six people traveling in the car, the police said.

SP Abishek Tiwari informed that there were seven people in the car, when the accident took place, out of which four died on the spot. Meanwhile, two others were declared deceased at the hospital, and one of the injured is being treated at the hospital.

“The truck driver has been identified, and efforts are being made to arrest him,” said SP.

As per the police, the car was driving towards Gadhakota from Sagar while the truck was coming from Gadhakota towards Sagar. The truck crashed into a neem tree which was uprooted and the Pajero SUV was blown away, following the crash.

On Thursday, a similar accident happened at GT Karnal Road, killing five people and injuring 14 after a truck collided with another truck carrying victims.

According to the police, the offending truck overlapped the central divider of GT Karnal Road and crashed into the truck that was carrying Kanwar Yatris who were traveling to Haridwar.

The accused driver was identified as Pappu Kumar, a native of Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh. The police said that he has been taken into custody in this case.

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