‘Jains Car Only’: Parking Sign at Coimbatore Race Course Sparks Massive Outrage on Twitter

Parking Sign at Coimbatore Race Course Sparks Massive Outrage on Twitter. (Image: Twitter/@_nottum)

This parking sign at Coimbatore Race Course has angered many people online. Here is why.

Parking issues have always been consistent in our country. Whether it be a mall or a market, there is no place where you will not find parking issues. Now, an image which is currently going viral is that of a parking sign at the Coimbatore Race Course. It has sparked massive outrage online with people opposing it in every sense. Twitter user ‘Agent P’ took to the micro blogging site and shared an image of the sign which read, “Jains Car Only.” As of now, it is unclear whether the board refers to Jain people or some specific Jains Apartments or buildings. Whatever the true meaning might be, it has angered people all across social media.

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The image went viral as soon as it was uploaded and has garnered over 196K views. It has sparked discontent among the public as many claimed that it completely discards the notion of common road and shared parking spaces.

“Technically Jains shouldn’t be using cars. Cars run on fossil fuels which got created when a lot of organisms and animals died and decomposed,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person mentioned, “Woah there’s a parking already reserved in Coimbatore. Thanks.”

Some people have also mentioned that it is for a Jain apartment complex at Race Course and Jain is the name of the builder. “Random outrage,” mentioned the user.

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Meanwhile, earlier, a Twitter user named Aditya Morarka shared two images of no parking sign boards outside a house in Koramangala. “Don’t even think of parking here,” read the first sign. Another sign read, “No parking, not for 5 minutes, not for 30 seconds, not at all!.” The highlight as to how reluctant the house owners are of random people parking their cars in front of other people’s houses.

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