Friday 27 Is the Fastest Legal E-Bike in Europe. You Need a License To Ride One

Did you know e-bikes are regulated up to a particular top speed? What, you thought you could just ride as fast as you wanted around town? Well, today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Moustache and their Friday 27 FS Speed, a machine that breaks Europe’s 15.5 mph (25 kph) speed limit.

Europe has different laws regarding e-bikes than the US does. For example, e-bikes in the US can legally hit a max speed of 28 mph (45 kph), classifying them as Class 3 e-bikes. Anything beyond that, and it’s private property for you. Or you can make the dang thing road-legal, grab a moped or motorcycle license, and you’re good to go. These laws and regulations do change from state to state, so be sure to look around for the rules in your area.

However, over in Europe, e-bikes legally max out at 25 kph or 15.5 mph. This also limits the amount of power that your motor can bring to the game. But, once your e-bike breaks the 25 kph limit, it starts to fall under a different category; it becomes a “Speed Bike.” The catch here is that you need to have a small motorcycle, moped, or class “D” license (“B” in Europe).

Well, suppose you’ve explored the e-bike scene as heavily as I have. In that case, you may have noticed that Europeans don’t seem to like making fast e-bikes, with over 95% of manufacturers capping their machines at that measly 15.5 mph. However, Moustache’s Speed is a puppy that can hit 45 kph, meaning you need to register this puppy or have a license to drive. That’s why you see a license plate hanging off the back of this thing. Oh, and it hits this mark without a throttle function.

Photo: Moustache Bikes

Now, two versions of the Speed are available, a single-battery option and a dual-battery one. However, they both use the same frame style, one that I’ve been seeing a whole lot of recently, an MTB-like full-suspension frame tuned for the urban landscape. As I like to call them, abominations! After all, there are plenty of reasons why an MTB isn’t suitable for city use, but the electrification of everything is changing all that.

Why take a full-suspension bicycle and aim it at urban living and riding? Simple, for no other reason other than comfort, and since suspension bounce isn’t going to matter anymore – there’s a battery and motor to help you preserve your energy – why the hell not!? I haven’t spoken to any industry leaders about this being the driving factor behind such machines, but I see no other tangible reasons.

Abominations aside, what’s responsible for the Speed’s power? Well, over in Europe and even the US, most bicycle manufacturers that are making a progression towards electrification are calling upon the powers of Bosch. Here, a Performance Line Speed with 250 W and a torque output of 85 Nm (63 ft-lbs) is powering your experience. Funny enough, there doesn’t seem to be any throttle function, so all that speed will be derived from your pedaling, with assistance, of course. Didn’t you know you can unlock a Bosch engine to such levels? I’ve been telling you, folks, all along to make friends with a computer geek.

Since blasting around at speeds that are surely going to solicit your motor a bit more than normal, a PowerTube with 625 Wh of juice is also strapped to the Speed. But the Dual version also includes an extra PowerPack with 500 Wh of extra power. As for the sort of range you can get with this setup, it’s hard to say. It depends on too many conditions, such as your need for speed, the road, wind resistance, and cargo load.

Friday 27 FS Speed

Photo: Moustache Bikes

Since I mentioned cargo, we need to explore one other important aspect of the Speed series, its ability to carry goods to work, from the grocery store, or whatever. At the rear of the Speed, a cargo rack is in place, designed in such a way as not to harm your goods, as that rear shock works its magic.

Now, all that sounds like the sort of magic you want under you as you try and replace your car for some day-to-day activities. However, there’s another aspect of the Speed that we need to consider, its ability to go above and beyond the confines of city limits and roads. In short, with a cargo rack, two batteries, a solid motor, and a top speed that’s more than you need, you can easily transform this cheetah of the urban jungle into a mountain lion. Take those trips out of town, hit some dirt roads, and come back refreshed for the upcoming week of work. Solid fun.

The question now is, Just how much do we need to pay for this speed and capability? Well, it depends on several aspects, but mainly, how much you’ll pay for a Friday 27 FS Speed with just one battery will depends on the dealership. In my search for a number, I’ve discovered some crews dropping these for as little as €4,600 ($5,200 at current exchange rates). Others were going for as high as €6,000 ($6,700). In short, look for the best deal in your area if this urban machine fits your needs and budget. Regarding smiles that spawn from your love of speed, you shouldn’t have any worries with this one.

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