Free Monster Truck rally coming to Darlington this month

Petrol heads and truck enthusiasts are in for a treat on July 29 and 30 as they can enjoy a free monster truck show at Darlington Rugby Club.

Promised to be an exciting and thrilling two days, the show will also help raise money for the Darlington Mayor’s charity ManHealth.

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The Northern Echo:

The event will also feature a world food court and bar with cuisines including Chinese and Greek as well as a carnival funfair for families to enjoy.

The Northern Echo spoke to Paul Evans, from Shildon, who has organised the event “from concept to finish”.

“First and foremost, it is completely free. Everybody can come and see the monster trucks crashing into and decimating cars”, he said.

“We also have ManHealth on board, which is one of the mayor’s chosen charities. They are going to have a collection and an awareness stall so people can get involved.”

After the gates open at 11am, the shows involving the trucks will take place three times on each day of the event – meaning that no matter when you come along you cannot miss out.

As for the trucks themselves, Paul said they have previously been all over the country, but this may be the first time they have come to Darlington as he says the weekend will be great for families.

He said: “Children just love monster trucks. Not only that, but they will also love the gigantic fairground we are putting on. We are going to have vintage old-fashioned chair aeroplanes, a proper Ferris wheel and a helter-skelter.

“On top of all of that, as a special treat, children and their parents have the chance to have a ride on a monster truck, which is amazing because you’ll go around the main arena and have mud flying everywhere!”

The Northern Echo: An example of a monster truck that could be at the event.An example of a monster truck that could be at the event. (Image: PAUL EVANS)

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For Paul, who runs carnivals, this latest venture is just part of his job to keep coming up with “crazy” things.

He said: “I do quite a few events, and I’ve had events where I have had stunt people and motorcycle displays.

“But, this event is going to be the big one.”

To find out more about the show, click here.

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