Disney-loving, dirt bike-riding 7-year-old is the new face of Anthem LemonAid

RICHMOND, Va. — Kyleigh Beasley’s room would make most little girls giggle with excitement.

“My hobby is I like to collect stuff,” said Kyleigh. ”My favorite toy is American Girl Dolls. I don’t know, I think I started collecting them when they were six or four.”

From trinkets to tiaras, the 7-year-old takes her playthings seriously.

“She is all girl. She gets into my makeup and [loves] dresses,” said mom, Kelsey.

Kyleigh also spends a lot of time with crayon in hand. Her favorite subject: Disney Princesses.

“I like to color Moana,” said Kyleigh.

But her other favorite hobby shatters the mold. Kyleigh kicks into high gear her very own dirt bike along with her siblings Riley and Kason.

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“It is hard to keep your balance up when you start,” explained Kyleigh. “Once you get the hang of it you just go off.”

“A natural! She is a natural,” said father, Aaron Beasley.

Kyleigh’s father said it’s a miracle watching his daughter tear through their backyard in Dinwiddie County.

“It is amazing to see her out here now enjoying herself and acting like nothing happened at all,” said Aaron.

Mastering a two-wheeler pales into comparison what their daughter faces when the racing ends.


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“It was the worst scenario possible when we got the news. It is just terrible you know? Nothing worse,” said Aaron.

In June of 2022, a tumor on the then 6-year-old’s arm was diagnosed as a rare form of cancer.

”It was really rough,” recalled Aaron. “She didn’t want to go out in public. She didn’t want to do anything. She didn’t want to get out of bed.”

Kelsey Beasley said a full recovery for her daughter appeared slim.

“My world stopped,” described Kelsey. “We were told from the beginning it was going to be amputation.”


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Her parents said months and months of continued chemo, 33 rounds of radiation, surgery at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU in May and prayers are keeping the Stage 3 cancer at bay.

”What these medications will ultimately help do but we have to deal with the things that come with them the hair loss, the nausea, not feeling well and being tired. That was so hard,” said Kelsey.

Through all of the hurdles, Kyleigh remains strong.

“Because it is not that scary once you get done with it,” said Kyleigh. “I have a technique where I squeeze my mom’s hand and I take a deep breath and it is over with.”

Mom and Dad say a warrior spirit keeps their daughter motivated, moving and alive.


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“Out of all of the terrible, terrible things that she has had to do she has made the best out of all of it,” said Aaron. “She didn’t let it hold her up one bit.”

This spring, Kyleigh is stepping into the spotlight.

She is the face of Anthem LemonAid. A three-day fundraiser that benefits other cancer patients.

“She has the perfect personality for it, that is for sure. She is going to rock it out I am sure,” said Aaron.


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Kyleigh’s parents say their daughter is embracing the role to help others while facing down her own illness.

”I tell her every day how proud I am of her for being resilient and not letting this weigh you down,” said Kelsey.

Don’t bet against Kyleigh Beasley in her long journey. She is the Disney-loving, dress-wearing, dirt bike-riding 7-year-old who is carving up her own course while leaving cancer in the dust.

“She is an amazing little girl,” said Aaron. “I couldn’t be happier with how she has reacted. More proud how she is coming out on the other end.”

If you would like to help Kyleigh in her cause raising money for childhood cancer, she will be appearing at her LemonAid Stand at the Walmart in Hancock Village in Chesterfield on Sunday, July 23.


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