Cyclingnews Awards: Road bike grouptest

Buying a road bike isn’t an easy process. Just this morning, I had a conversation with one of the people from our IT department, who despite being brand new to cycling, had already spent two months poring over the decision of what to buy. He had sought advice from friends, bike shops, and even myself as he tried to make sense of things like carbon vs alloy, endurance vs race geometry, Shimano vs SRAM and size guides vs a bike fit. 

Even if you’re not new to the sport and you’ve got all those bases covered, it’s still not an easy process. Trying to weigh up the pros and cons of one bike versus another, comparing different specs and trying to balance that against the difference in price, working out geometry charts to see what will fit you best. It’s no wonder many of us turn to a spreadsheet in the process. 

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