Cyclingnews Awards: Brilliant bike locks

Lots of people ride bikes for lots of different reasons. For some it’s transportation while for some it’s just for fun. Whatever your reason, your bike matters to you. Pick the best bike lock and you’ll significantly reduce your chances of having to walk back to where you locked up your bike and find only a broken lock on the ground. Which bike lock is the best though? 

Every single buyer’s guide I work on I try to answer the question of what is best. When I wrote the best bike locks though, it was different. The best bike locks was the first of a new generation of buyers guides. Our team looked at ways to better help buyers and I got the assignment to see how it works in practice. I spent weeks trying locks and I interviewed everyone I could find who might have input on the best way to secure bikes or how they ended up getting stolen. I even cut one of the locks in half while testing and at the end I put together a buyers guide like nothing I’d ever done before. 

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