Cowboy’s New Core E-Bike Offers No-Frills Mobility On A Budget

Belgian e-bike specialist Cowboy has an interesting and intuitive way of tailoring its bikes to suit a wide range of applications. By leveraging on a single frame design and tweaking ergonomics with varying handlebars and accessories Cowboy is able to come up with multiple models for all sorts of riders. Thanks to this simple yet effective approach, Cowboy has managed to sell more than 55,000 bikes in 2023 so far.

If the Classic, Cruiser, and Cruiser ST models sit on the more premium side of the spectrum, the brand’s new Core series makes its tech accessible to a wider audience. As you’d expect, the Cowboy Core series is aimed at price-conscious riders, and as the name suggests, focuses on the bare essentials when it comes to providing a modern e-cycling experience. It features the same frame design, with the battery mounted in the frame’s seat tube, as against the down tube in conventional e-bikes.

On the performance side of the equation, the Cowboy Core bikes retain the brand’s Intuitive Power Technology. This setup is essentially a torque sensor that tailors the bike’s electric motor assistance to every pedal stroke, providing a smooth, seamless ride. The brand’s in-house electric motor has a nominal output of 250 watts, in compliance with European e-bike legislations. Overall, the Core configuration of Cowboy’s e-bikes comes in at a similarly lightweight package as their more premium siblings, tipping the scale at 19.0 to 19.3 kilograms, depending on the configuration.

As mentioned earlier, Cowboy’s Core series does away with the premium tech features found in the more expensive models. Here, the Core configuration still offers a comprehensive slew of technology comprising GPS, Google Maps, and integration with Apple’s Find My technology. It does, however, do away with the Share My Ride, Crash Detection, and Apple Watch features. On top of that, the Core is equipped with a chain drive, instead of a belt drive found on the more premium models.

Offered only in black, the new Cowboy Core series starts at 2,490 Euros, or approximately $,2800 USD. For more information on Cowboy’s bikes, as well as to configure your own e-bike, feel free to check out their website in the link below.

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