Community shows support to sno-cone truck after generator theft | News

JENKS, Okla. — Sherry Blacketer and her dog Weezy have recently been making a name for themselves with a sno-cone truck called Freezy Weezy Fancy Ice. However, on Thursday Blacketer and Weezy had their generator stolen.

“One morning we went to go get it to go to a special event and showed up and our generator was gone,” Blacketer said.

Blacketer had an event that afternoon that she had to cancel. She says while this set her back, cancelling on the kids is what disappointed her.

“They’re just so happy and get excited and their faces light up and that’s what’s so sad that not only did they take that from me but they took that from the kids and the families,” said Blacketer.

After Blacketer posted about the theft on social media, she received overwhelming support from the community.

“Kind messages, the text messages and people visiting our website and Facebook page,” said Blacketer.

Through community help, Blacketer was able to get her sno-cone truck back up and running in time for weekend events.

“A gentlemen has let us borrow his generator, so many people have reached out and offered them,” said Blacketer.

Blacketer says the amount of support they have received has been amazing.

“I just think that people see that small businesses that work hard to grow and become something and give back to the community, I think people are very supportive of that,” said Blacketer.

Blacketer is still holding out hope her generator will be returned.

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