Cheapest bikes with dual-channel ABS: Pulsar N160, Apache RTR 200 4V, Yamaha FZ 25

Starting at 160cc and going all the way up to 250cc, these are the most affordable bikes in the country to feature dual-channel ABS.

Published On Jun 16, 2023 01:36:00 PM

With rains beginning to lash the country, there’s no better time to have the safety net of dual-channel ABS. Useful in both wet and dry, dual-channel ABS ensures that neither of the wheels on the motorcycle lock up under heavy braking, ensuring controlled stops in all situations. Single-channel ABS only operates on the front wheel, so you can still lock the rear wheel if you brake hard, which compromises the stability of the motorcycle. If safety is high on your priority list, here are the 5 most affordable bikes currently on sale that get dual-channel ABS.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 (Rs 1,30,560)

The most affordable bike on this list comes from Bajaj, and the list will continue to be dominated by ‘the world’s fastest Indian’. This is a testament to the company’s efforts to make the technology affordable and offer it to the masses. The Pulsar N160 is the most affordable bike to get dual-channel ABS, coming in at Rs 1.31 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). However, it’s worth noting that the dual-channel version comes only in black and blue, while the single-channel variant also comes in red.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 (Rs 1,36,736)

The next bike on the list is also a 160cc offering from Bajaj, in the form of the Pulsar NS160. This Pulsar offers a sportier experience, with a perimeter frame, an upside-down fork, raised clip-on handlebars, and more aggressive styling. The NS lineup does show its age, though, and the new-gen Pulsars (like the N160) offer a more polished experience. The NS160 is priced at Rs 1.37 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), and all 4 colour options get dual-channel ABS.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V (Rs 1,46,720)

The only non-Bajaj bike on this list comes from fierce competitor TVS, in the form of the Apache RTR 200 4V. This Apache has always been a feature-rich motorcycle, and aside from dual-channel ABS, it also gets 3 riding modes, fully digital instrumentation with Bluetooth connectivity, a crash alert function, adjustable levers and adjustable suspension. The dual-channel version is priced at Rs 1.47 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 (Rs 1,49,363)

The eldest NS sibling also features here – the Pulsar NS200. It offers all the sportiness of the smaller NS160, but with a more powerful, liquid-cooled 200cc engine. This is the only motor here to feature liquid-cooling, and also the most powerful bike on this list, at 24.5hp. Dual-channel ABS is standard on all colours, and the bike is priced at Rs 1.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Bajaj Pulsar N250 (Rs 1,49,978)

Very similarly priced but very different in demeanour to the NS200, the Pulsar N250 is the final bike on this list. Where the NS has a rev-happy motor that does its best work in the latter half of the tachometer, the N250 provides a more torque-rich experience that makes it a better companion when you’re not riding hard. The only downside here is that the dual-channel ABS variant, priced at Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), comes only in black, while the single-channel variant offers more colour options.

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