Caught On Camera: Girl Falls Off Bike While Clicking A Selfie

Last Updated: July 14, 2023, 17:04 IST

The girl fell from the bike and got severely injured.

The Shocking video was posted on the Twitter account Momentoviral.

The pursuit of social media fame has led people to extreme measures, often compromising their safety. Unfortunately, incidents caused by selfies are becoming all too common. In a recent viral video, a girl met with an accident when she fell from her bike while attempting to take a selfie. This serves as a stark reminder of the risks people take for online recognition. It is essential to prioritise safety over social media popularity and be mindful of the potential dangers when engaging in such activities.

A shocking video recently surfaced on Twitter via the account Momentoviral, capturing a distressing incident involving a girl who became the victim of an accident while attempting to take a selfie. The footage showcases a bike rally, with spectators and bikers gathered together. Amidst the rally, one biker performs a wheelie stunt, lifting the front tire of the bike into the air. Seated on the bike, the girl tries to capture a selfie or record a reel. Suddenly, another bike approaches at high speed, colliding directly with her bike. The impact causes the girl to fall to the ground with great force, resulting in visible injuries and trembling limbs.

The video quickly gained traction, amassing 3.2 million views and drawing numerous comments from viewers. Concerned individuals speculated about the extent of the girl’s injuries, with one suggesting a potential head injury that could explain her subsequent tremors. Another commenter expressed sadness over the incident, while someone else noted that the girl survived and even created a video afterwards to share her account of the incident and its aftermath.

This incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with reckless driving and the dangers of prioritizing social media fame over personal safety. The Delhi Police recently tweeted a video highlighting the negative consequences of reckless driving. The footage portrays a couple riding a bike and engaging in reckless behaviour, including the performance of highly dangerous stunts while speeding.

These incidents underscore the importance of responsible behaviour and caution, both on the roads and when using social media. It is crucial to prioritize safety over seeking online recognition and to remain mindful of the potential hazards that arise from reckless actions.

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