BMW CE 02 Electric Bike Launched Abroad

BMW bikes being expensive to buy is nothing new. But more often than not, they’re worth it because of the riding experience, build quality and just the tonnes of features they pack. But this time around, things have finally changed! Because BMW has finally managed to make a bike that’s costly and pointless, the CE 02. 

This so-called ‘eParkourer’ sounds best when it’s parked, because everything else about the bike makes your eyes water.  The 11kW output might sound decent but its 95kmph top speed is something our homegrown Tork Kratos R and the Oben Rorr can beat. That said, it does compete with almost 150cc bikes in one segment: weight! At nearly 132kg (kerb), we’re not quite sure if this one can really parkour. And hauling all that mass to a stop are disc brakes at both ends with the safety net of a single-channel ABS. Do we have to pay extra for a dual-channel system, BMW? 

What you can pay for are add-ons like heated grips, smartphone holder, charger and more, things that should help you tour better. And touring you will. With its 90km range, the CE 02 ensures that you can barely make it to the next town as  you’ll have to stop for a five hour ‘fuel stop’ with its 0.9kW charger. That said, the optional 1.5kW fast charger will get you done in 3.5 hours only! Of course, only for the next 90km… 

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But hey, it’s not all bad! The 14-inch wheels sound nice and large. I mean sure the Okinawa Okhi90 (Rs 1.86 lakh, ex-showroom) has a 16-inch front wheel, but the CE 02’s smaller ones should help you corner it that much better. Just make sure you don’t fall over because repairing costs will likely cost you the other kidney, assuming the bike itself cost you your first one. Helping you stay planted in the corner is an attractive golden USD fork and an adjustable monoshock. The one thing that truly needs adjustment is the CE 02’s price but okay…

At least it has features, right? The 3.5-inch ‘micro TFT’ is among the smallest ones we’ve seen. I mean, BMW didn’t really need to mention the word ‘micro’ after ‘3.5-inch’ but okay…

And if all these things haven’t underwhelmed you, we’re sure that switchgear, that’s inspired from the TVS Apache RR 310 will. We quite like it on a Rs 2.72 lakh bike, not so much on a USD 7599 (Rs 6.26 lakh) electric bike.

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