At least 11 car break-ins at Raleigh apartment complex near Glenwood South frustrate residents

Several people who live at a Raleigh apartment complex near Glenwood South found their cars had been broken into on Monday morning.

At The Devon Apartments on N. Boylan Avenue, WRAL News counted at least 11 cars with windows smashed out at the complex, which has a separate parking deck for residents. Raleigh police officers responded to residents’ complaints around 6:30 a.m. to the top two floors of the deck.

As a late-night hotspot for many, Glenwood South is no stranger to noise complaints and and crime in recent years. In March, it was revealed that the area has seen increases in reports of concealed carry, illegal firearms and drug violations. The apartment complex is located one street west of Glenwood Avenue.

Don Carr had two cars vandalized in the matter. Needless to say, he was frustrated.

“You pay for the apartment complex,” said Carr. “You pay for security. You get neither.”

Lindsey Munster went to get into her car and was shocked to see police cars on the roof of the parking deck.

“My window had been completely smashed, glass all over the parking deck,” said Munster. “There were multiple other cars as well. It was a crazy sight.”

Earlier this year, city council decided to raise parking fines in the area from $30 to $200. People who live in and around Glenwood South were hoping the increased fine would be a deterrent for illegal parking and how parking in neighborhoods brings crime spilling over from the bars and clubs at night.

Carr said his daughter is looking to move out after becoming a victim of the vandalism.

“She’s being told – oh, well you live downtown, expect this,” Carr said. “That’s not an acceptable answer.”

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