Alpha Announces Reveal Date for the Wolf Pickup Truck, We’ve Heard That One Before

For years, the Alpha Wolf has only been a set of renderings previewing a pickup truck that would just keep on delaying its debut. But now, Alpha Motor Corporation has just announced the date of the official unveiling.

July 31. That is the day when the Alpha Wolf will make its global debut at the Seoul Mobility Show. The company has finally shown a prototype ahead of unveiling the production version.

But what is the Wolf, the pickup truck that has been advertised for years but never came? If that scenario sounds familiar, it does make sense: you have seen the exact same story with the Tesla Cybertruck. But the electric pickup has just entered production at Giga Texas, four years after it was revealed.

Going back to the Wolf, it is an electric pickup truck on which Alpha has been working for the past three years. They first released a rendering back in 2020, with some basic information regarding size, towing capacity, and range.

The Wolf should be 190 inches (4,828 millimeters) long, 75 inches (1,900 millimeters) wide, and 69 inches (1,765 millimeters) tall. That would make it even smaller than Ford’s entry-level pickup, the Maverick.

Photo: Alpha

Alpha’s model should be available with an extended-cab version (Wolf+), as well as with double-cab layout (SuperWolf). The Wolf should have an estimated towing capacity of 3,000 lbs (1,360 kilograms) and a bed under 6 feet long.

The range of the electric pickup truck should be between 250 and 275 miles, provided by a lithium-ion battery pack. No info on the capacity has been released yet, but what we know is that the model will be available with either a single-motor rear-wheel drive or a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup. The pickup should accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0-07 kph) in 6.2 seconds

Alpha Motor CEO and founder Edward Lee shows up in the YouTube video that presents the prototype anticipating the production model, which should start rolling off the assembly line towards the end of 2023. But will it? It would not come as a surprise if it didn’t.

Alpha has been presenting prototypes for years. None has ever made it to production, though. So far we have seen the Ace electric sub-compact two-door coupe, the Jax electric subcompact crossover, and the Saga electric compact sedan. So the startup has been trying to spread its tentacles in several sectors. But they have all been chopped off so far.

Lee is the one who shows up in the video (embedded below) as CEO and founder of the company, but Alpha was supposedly founded by two former baristas, by two automotive show baristas, Joshua Boys and Jay Lijewski.

According to, there is something odd about the company. Leaving aside the who-is-the-founder saga, the registered address of the company is the same with that of another EV startup, Neuron. But Neuron seems to have vanished.

Furthermore, Alpha Wolf is the name of an Australian metalcore band, but with no connection whatsoever with the American car startup. Alpha has never offered any details regarding the Wolf designation. But the name of the vehicle is probably a refrence to the Alpha wolf, a model of dominance. If the upcoming model manages to actually be an Alpha wolf in the electric compact pickup trucks segment, that remains to be seen.

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