‘Allah is on the way’: Bengaluru man’s post on auto driver’s name goes viral | Bengaluru

A Bengaluru man’s post on being assigned an auto rickshaw driver with the name “Allah” is doing the rounds on social media, leaving Twitter in splits. The man posted a screenshot of his auto rickshaw booking through an app, which showed that the driver’s name was “Allah”, leading him to wonder what his destination is, and he captioned the picture – “Where am I going?”

After being assigned a driver with the name “Allah”, the man wondered about what his destination is.(Twitter)

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The post garnered several hilarious responses, over 208,000 views, 5,800 likes and 400 retweets at the time this article was being written. The picture showed the auto rickshaw booking, the one-time password (OTP), and the driver’s name. The man also wondered if the internet would think he has died if he never tweets again, writing in a separate tweet, “if i never tweet again would everyone think i’m actually gone? goodbye.”

Twitter users replied with quirky responses, including, “Jannat”, “Ola ne Jannat dila di” – meaning “Ola brought you to heaven”, and “Yeh jannat ka rasta hai beta”, meaning “This is the way to heaven.”

One user responded, “A few days back, Duryodhan delivered my food,” while another said, “Take me too.”

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In a similar incident recently, a man booked an Uber auto in Bengaluru to find that the driver was 24 kilometres away, with a wait-time of 71 minutes, which prompted laughs on social media sites. While the man tweeted, “Huge respect for him if he actually shows up,” another user replied with, “Huge respect for you also if you wait that long.”

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