ABS saves life of a Yamaha R15 sportsbike rider from a crash

India is one of the biggest markets for two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. While the commuter segment is still going strong, there are many young riders who are buying expensive and performance-oriented motorcycles. Most of these bikes now come with ABS as a standard feature, which is great. ABS is a handy feature in both cars and bikes, especially when driving on Indian roads. There are several examples available online that show how ABS has saved the lives of people. Here, we have a video where a Yamaha R15 rider narrowly escaped crashing into a pickup truck that decided to turn without proper indicators.

The video was uploaded by Prateek Singh and shared with him by one of his followers. The person who sent the video is the one riding the motorcycle in it. The accident happened on a two-lane highway in Tamil Nadu. The rider was on his Yamaha R15 V4 motorcycle. As we all know, the R15 is one of the best-performing motorcycles in this segment, with a huge fan base across the nation. People who are often looking for a performance bike on a budget often consider it. The video of the accident was clearly recorded by the camera mounted on the rider’s helmet.

The motorcycle was being ridden on a two-lane road, and we can clearly see that there were a decent number of vehicles on it. The rider was going fast, with the instrument cluster showing an indicated speed of 124 kmph. He overtook the tempo traveler and other vehicles as he approached a Tata Ace pickup. The pickup driver decided to turn right without looking around or even engaging the turn indicator. The biker was easily doing over 100 kmph when the Tata Ace driver decided to turn. The rider was actually planning to overtake the pickup; however, when he saw the driver turn, he panicked and applied the brakes.

ABS saves R15 rider

We can see the speed of the bike coming down almost immediately. The biker was trying hard to avoid the crash. At around 60 kmph, the front cowl of the motorcycle hit the metal gate of the pickup. However, the biker had not lost control of the vehicle, and the pickup driver also continued without stopping. The biker regained control and continued the trip. The front cowl and the mudguard of the bike had minor damages.

The rider also suffered minor injuries. This video clearly shows how ABS saved the rider’s life. The Yamaha R15 comes with dual-channel ABS. This feature alone saved the rider from a serious accident. ABS actually helps slow down a vehicle in a more efficient manner. If it were a bike without ABS, the rear wheels would have locked under heavy braking. Similarly, the front wheels would have slipped, and the biker would have fallen down on the road. Because the bike had ABS, it applied brakes in a manner that prevented wheel slip, yet the bike slowed down.

The Tata Ace pickup driver is not the only person to blame in this case. The biker was also overspeeding on a two-lane road. A public road is not the place where you can ride recklessly or perform stunts. One must always consider other road users and ensure that they are not causing inconvenience to others. The pickup driver could have used turn indicators well in advance to avoid this incident.

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