3-year-old boy accidentally locks himself in car, his father did this to avert a tragedy

A man shared on Twitter how he averted a tragedy after his son accidentally locked himself in a car. Sunderdeep Singh said the incident occurred when he went to pick up his sons from preschool in Ludhiana.

He shared in a long Twitter thread how one of his sons locked himself in the car. The 3-year-old boy named Kabir snatched the keys from his father when he sat in the back. His wife and other son were still inside the school when it happened.

When the boy’s father asked him to unlock the door, the child panicked and accidentally kept pressing the lock button instead. Meanwhile, the theft alarm got activated and made him feel more scared and he started crying.

People and school staff also gathered and tried to help him. The man called the local car dealer and even though they were coming to help, it would have taken them at least 30-40 minutes. So, he called his brother to bring the spare key but it still would have taken him 15 minutes to reach after getting the key, he wrote.

The man was getting all kinds of thoughts as the car was hot from inside. So, he realised there was a mechanic’s shop nearby. He ran over there and asked him to bring the biggest sledgehammer he had. He asked the man to smash the rear glass. The puncture repair man hit the quarter glass instead and after three-four attempts, it gave way. The boy was able to hand over the keys without hurting himself from the shattered glass. The man said he learnt a lesson from this ordeal.

“I think it’s time even I should get the window-visors , it does look sort of ugly to me, but is really beneficial if we want to keep our windows rolled down even for an inch for air to pass,” commented a user. “He is safe the only thing matters ..You can also keep half sunroof open for safety if kids are alone in car for some reasons which cannot be avoided at a moment,” said another. “Wow that was scary.. and yes lots of lessons for all of us.. i will also keep this in mind from today,” posted a third.

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